Channel Class

class Channel.Channel(cln_jsn)

Bases: object

Stores the public available information of a channel.

The Channel Class is intended to be read only and internally stores the data from core lightning’s lightning-cli listchannels command as a json. If you retrieve data from a different implementation I suggest to overload the constructor and transform the information into the given json format

property base_fee
property capacity
property cln_jsn
property cltv_delta
property dest
property flags
property htlc_max_msat
property htlc_min_msat
property is_active
property is_announced
property ppm
property short_channel_id
property src
class Channel.ChannelFields

Bases: object

These are the values describing public data about channels that is either available via gossip or via the Bitcoin Blockchain. Their format is taken from the core lighting API. If you use a different implementation I suggest to write a wrapper around the ChannelFields and Channel class

ACTIVE = 'active'
ANNOUNCED = 'public'
BASE_FEE_MSAT = 'base_fee_millisatoshi'
CAP = 'satoshis'
CLTV = 'delay'
DEST = 'destination'
FEATURES = 'features'
FEE_RATE = 'fee_per_millionth'
FLAGS = 'channel_flags'
HTLC_MAXIMUM_MSAT = 'htlc_maximum_msat'
HTLC_MINIMUM_MSAT = 'htlc_minimum_msat'
LAST_UPDATE = 'last_update'
SHORT_CHANNEL_ID = 'short_channel_id'
SRC = 'source'